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18 Feb 2006 When traveling throughout Iowa , there are numerous haunted areas, The Oak Hill Cemetery in Cedar Rapids is said to be haunted by the
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11: Hickory Hill Park, Iowa City's Pest Houses. 12: Oakland Cemetery , home of the Black Angel. Other haunted or weird locations: A: 113 E. Prentiss Street,
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The corn fields and pastoral beauty of Iowa provides a peaceful backdrop to a wealth of spiritual encounters and ghostly apparitions.
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Cassie What haunted or 'scary' places are in Iowa ? .... Also Hazel Green cemetary between Steamboat Rock and Ackley Iowa . over a year ago
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One of the most haunted places in Iowa is said to be the Mason House Inn........ ...
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9 Jun 2009 Charlie Jane's Bed and Breakfast is a few miles from Tedrow Cemetery ! Yes, Ringgold County, in Southern Iowa , has one of Iowa's most haunted
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One of the most peaceful places in Iowa and yet one where restless This remote cemetery is haunted by ghosts and legends of death from days gone by.
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Iowa Falls - Thompson Hall Dormitory. This dorm and Union Cemetery across the road are both haunted . One resident advisor was spending the Christmas holiday
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5 posts - 5 authors - Last post: 27 JulYou can try Riverside Cemetery in Charles City Iowa . Supposed to be very haunted . Go to the top of the page. + Quote Post
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31 Oct 2008 The manor is now home to a commercial haunted house. (Michelle Bishop/The Gateway) .... Fairview Cemetery , in Council Bluffs, Iowa
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1 May 2008 A black angel sculpture in this cemerty is rumored to be haunted .
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Iowa Falls - Thompson Hall Dormitory - This dorm and Union Cemetery across the road are both haunted . One resident advisor was spending the Christmas
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A really strange old ' haunted ' cemetery we explored for Weird U.S. while we and a chilling encounter in this remote abandoned house (What Cheer, Iowa )
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1 Mar 2007 That's what “The Iowa Road Guide to Haunted Locations” a new book from co- authors Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk claims. Tedrow Cemetery , a few